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The Gladiators

Artist Song Buy
The Gladiators  Rich Man Poor Man   buy on itunes
The Gladiators  Rude Boy Ska   buy on itunes
The Gladiators  Red Hot   buy on itunes
The Gladiators  On the Other Side   buy on itunes
The Gladiators  Wicked Man   buy on itunes


Under the rocksteady leadership of Albert Griffiths, the Gladiators (formed in 1967) became one of Jamaica's most legendary roots reggae outfits. These Essentials are a connoisseur's selection of tracks from the band's heyday, which hit its zenith in the mid-'70s, when they signed to Virgin and hooked up with producer Prince Tony Robinson for 1976's outstanding [i]Trenchtown Mix Up[/i]: The guitar work on "Looks Is Deceiving" is frankly sublime. Another highlight (of many) is Clinton Fearon's vocal on "Rich Man Poor Man" from 1982's [i]Back to Roots[/i]. All in all, these tracks make up a significant slice of reggae heaven.
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