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TSOL  darker my love  buy on itunes
bauhaus  st. vitus dance  buy on itunes
fad gadget  under the flag (1 & 2)  buy on itunes
joy division  incubation  buy on itunes
gary numan  i'm an agent  buy on itunes
the faint  ballad of a paralyzed citizen  buy on itunes
radio berlin  eyes like lenses  buy on itunes
a luna red   malaria  buy on itunes
suicide  radiation  buy on itunes
the make-up  we can't be contained  buy on itunes


danceable death tunes
image for mix


Date: 2/21/2002
rawr. good mix. almost glamourizes death.
James Russell
Date: 2/22/2002
Interesting. Don't know all these tunes, but I like the ones I do recognise. Will have to download the other songs to see how it all goes in practice...
Date: 5/9/2002
i think i was driving to work one friday morning and heard you play that radio berlin/a luna red combo on 88.5. good good stuff. you brang tha rock on the radio dude. keep it up.

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