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wake up and smell the monday sun!

Artist Song Buy
embrace  the good will out  buy on itunes
the frames  headlong  buy on itunes
pearl jam   black   buy on itunes
juliet turner  i hope i dont fall in love with you  buy on itunes
mundy  springtown  buy on itunes
green day   rest   buy on itunes
staind  epiphany  buy on itunes
temple of the dog  say hello to heaven  buy on itunes
the frames   star star  buy on itunes
daytona   conversationalist  buy on itunes
hootie and the blowfish  goodbye  buy on itunes
skunk anansie  hendoism  buy on itunes
pink floyd   wish you were here  buy on itunes
bush  cold contagious  buy on itunes
silverchair   nobody came  buy on itunes


there is no really concept behind this mix, just all the songs i wanted to hear and get all depressed over...a few irish bands here (raw under rated talent)..and some epics! coming soon...a hope mix, and a happy mix


Date: 8/9/2002
nice mix. it is pretty impossible to do a mix with the frames in it, without using two tracks (especially for the quiet ones)

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