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Jugend International - Incredibly Strange Music aus deutschen Schallarchiven Vol. 4

Artist Song Buy
Theo Schumann-Combo  Volle Pulle (Woolly Bully)  buy on itunes
Heidi Bruehl  Mein Weg mit dir (Spicks and Specks)  buy on itunes
France Gall einen jungen Mann (Summer Samba)  buy on itunes
Karel Gott  Mac Arthur Park  buy on itunes
Mark Ellis  Alexander Graham Bell  buy on itunes
Joe Harris   Erst seh'n (Und danach erst glauben) (Chripy Chirpy Cheep Cheep)  buy on itunes
Renate Kern  Er nahm ein anderes Maedchen (Me and Bobby McGee)  buy on itunes
Graham Bonney  Papa Joe (Poppa Joe)  buy on itunes
Nina & Mike  Ich und du und ein Hund dazu (Me and You and a Dog Named Boo)  buy on itunes
Janosch Rosenberg  Tanzen macht den Sonntag erst schoen (Dancin' on a Saturday Night)  buy on itunes
Bernhard Brink  Wo steht das gerschrieben? (Be My Baby)  buy on itunes
Howard Carpendale  Woelfe und Schafe (This World Today Is a Mess)  buy on itunes
Juliane Werding  Da staunste, was? (Howzat)  buy on itunes
Piccadilly  Geh' noch nicht (Still I'm Sad)  buy on itunes
Uwe Friedrichsen  Strassen unserer Stadt (Streets of London)  buy on itunes
Olivia Molina  Hard Rock Cafe  buy on itunes
Holger Frank  Heu, Gras, Kirschen (Ring Ring)  buy on itunes
Stefan Hallberg  Wer ist deutscher Meister? H-H-H-HSV! (I Was Made for Dancin')  buy on itunes
Severine  Du gehst vorbei (Running Scared)  buy on itunes
Frank Schoebel  Ohne dich (Without You)  buy on itunes
Ted Herold/Lill Babs  Jugend International - Ein Schlager fnr junge Leute  buy on itunes


Well, even more "German musical weirdness" (lo-fi jr). "Without You" is the schmaltzy Nilsson Schmilsson tune, of course; and Leif Garrett's 1978 teen disco smash "I Was Made for Dancin'" is being made into a kind of small-time "You'll Never Walk Alone"-type hymn to German football (or soccer, if you like) team Hamburg SV. Just wait, more wicked somethings this way come. (Sorry, Bill.)


Date: 3/11/2002
Wow. A Leif Garrett song covered in German. Now my life is complete.
Date: 1/14/2003
I would love to hear this!
Date: 1/20/2003
This looks like fantastically freakish fun!

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