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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
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Muslimgauze  Scientist of India Garden  buy on itunes
David Toop  Mud and Quartz  buy on itunes
Vibracathedral Orchestra  Aeolian Cistern  buy on itunes
Dirty Three  Some Summers They Drop Like Flies  buy on itunes
Delia Derbyshire  Planetarium  buy on itunes
James Plotkin  Whirl  buy on itunes
Shalabi Effect  Vicious Triangle  buy on itunes
Boxhead Ensemble  Requiem  buy on itunes
Jackie-O Motherfucker  Analogue Skillet  buy on itunes
Fennesz  A Year in a Minute  buy on itunes
Arovane and Phonem  DPS  buy on itunes


A CD I made for a friend of mine. I'm a bit wary of putting it into the 'experimental' category, but it doesn't really fit any of the others either (I've noticed a very loose definition of what constitutes 'mixed genre as well). These songs all work best at high volume, and what I like about all of them is that even though they have very little structure or discernable melody or rhythm, they still have a great deal of impact, both emotionally and musically if played loud enough.


Date: 2/26/2004
fucking killer.

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