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Chris Cornell/Soundgarden/Audioslave

Artist Song Buy
Audioslave  Jewel of the Summertime   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Silence the Voices   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Mind Riot   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  4th of July   buy on itunes
Audioslave  Exploder   buy on itunes
Audioslave  Hypnotize   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell & Eleven  Ave Maria + Intro   buy on itunes
Audioslave  Like a Stone (Live from New York City)   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Fell On Black Days   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Searching With My Good Eye Closed   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Pillow of Your Bones   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Like Suicide   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Nazi Driver   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Limo Wreck   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Room a Thousand Years Wide   buy on itunes
Audioslave  Wide Awake   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Toy Box   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Zero Chance   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Flutter Girl   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Fresh Tendrils   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Ghosts   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Dusty   buy on itunes
Audioslave  Shape of Things to Come   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Smokestack Lightning   buy on itunes
Chris Cornell  Steel Rain   buy on itunes


It may seem like Chris Cornell [i]just[/i] cut his hair yesterday, leaving behind the heavy metal-gone-grunge inclinations of Soundgarden for the feral Rage Against the Machine partnering that was Audioslave. The truth is he's been making music since the early '80s. No wonder why our Deep Cuts section is overflowing with forgotten hailstorm hooks and songs that should've been singles. Among our finest findings is the doom-metal crawl of "Toy Box"; the drum-driven, deviant dance rock of "Hypnotize"; the snow-caked Christmas-in-Seattle stroll of "Ave Maria"; and the stoner-rock grumbling of "Room a Thousand Years Wide."
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