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an empty bed in ecotopia

Artist Song Buy
smahing pumpkins  1979  buy on itunes
rhcp  my friends  buy on itunes
foo fighters  walking after you  buy on itunes
candlebox  far behind  buy on itunes
the cure  apart  buy on itunes
anthrax  black lodge  buy on itunes
slayer  seasons in the abyss  buy on itunes
korn  low rider  buy on itunes
tool  buy on itunes
1000 homo djs  supernaut  buy on itunes
system of a down  chop suey!  buy on itunes
elton john  goodbye yellow brick road  buy on itunes
jerry cantrell  i've seen all this world i care to see  buy on itunes
apoptygma berzerk  fade to black  buy on itunes
soundgarden  the day i tried to live  buy on itunes
faith no more   easy  buy on itunes


some may make me cry others make me want to bang my head. i just listen to the music and lay on my bed. i'm feeling sad. sometimes songs make things not seem so bad.


Date: 5/4/2002
that foo fighters song is sweet. ;)
Date: 12/16/2002
Nice mix!! The slayer, foo fighter, the candlebox tune is one of my fav's! And the soundagarden song is the definition of depression!! Beautiful
Date: 4/6/2009
Best breakup CD ever

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