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Thrash Metal

Artist Song Buy
Hobb's Angel Of Death  Crucifiction   buy on itunes
Exciter  Violence & Force   buy on itunes
Sodom  Napalm In the Morning   buy on itunes
Evile  Devoid of Thought   buy on itunes
Voivod  Warriors of Ice   buy on itunes
Helstar  Baptized In Blood   buy on itunes
Nuclear Assault  Rise from the Ashes   buy on itunes
Artillery  Cybermind   buy on itunes
Annihilator  Alison Hell   buy on itunes
Laaz Rockit  Take No Prisoners   buy on itunes
Flotsam and Jetsam  Hammerhead   buy on itunes
Holy Moses  Current of Death   buy on itunes
Tankard  Endless Pleasure   buy on itunes
Obsession  Only the Strong Will Survive   buy on itunes
Merciless Death  Tombs of the Dead   buy on itunes
Exhorder  Slaughter In the Vatican   buy on itunes
Avenger of Blood  Enemy Attack   buy on itunes
Gama Bomb  Escape from Scarecrow Mountain   buy on itunes
Sodom  I Am the War   buy on itunes
Holy Moses  The Hand of Death   buy on itunes
Raven  Tyrant of the Airways   buy on itunes
Saros  F Subzero   buy on itunes
Nasty Savage  Eromantic Vertigo   buy on itunes
Sabbat  Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?   buy on itunes
S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death  Fist Banging Mania   buy on itunes


Many fans thought Jason Newsted was crazy for quitting Metallica in 2001. The bassist knew [i]exactly[/i] what he was doing, however — coming full circle in his career by joining Voivod, a childhood favorite that (unlike the modern rock-leaning Metallica) was still playing bits of Venom-infused thrash metal. In other words, Newsted still wanted to play songs with the speed and agility of a Nascar match, like Voivod's own "Warriors of Ice," or throwback favorites by the likes of Sodom (the Slayer-caliber "I Am the War"), S.O.D. (the self-explanatory, stamina-testing "Fist Banging Mania"), and Annihilator (the one-way-ticket-to-hell track "Maximum Satan").
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