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CD | Mixed Genre

baby mix

Artist Song Buy
meet joe black soundtrack  what a wonderful world  buy on itunes
elton john   your song  buy on itunes
susan ashton and gary chapman  in my life  buy on itunes
bette midler  baby mine  buy on itunes
terri clark  good mother  buy on itunes
john lennon  love  buy on itunes
mary poppins  stay awake  buy on itunes
garcia/grissom  shenadoah lullaby  buy on itunes
whoppi goldberg  you got it  buy on itunes
indigo girls  power of two  buy on itunes
james taylor  you got a friend  buy on itunes
sarah mclachlan  blackbird  buy on itunes
judy garland  somewhere over the rainbow  buy on itunes
paul simon, art garfunkel, and james taylor  wonderful world  buy on itunes


this is for a little baby who was born after only 25 weeks...she is really sick right now with infections...i made this mix for her so she won't have to feel alone while she is in the hospital...


Scott K
Date: 5/15/2002
That maked my heart sink. I hope this mix helps her get better.
Date: 5/16/2002
25 weeks..wow. this mix is lovely. really soothy.

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