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Feist  Mushaboom   buy on itunes
Gonzales & Feist  Starlight feat. Feist   buy on itunes
Feist  One Evening   buy on itunes
Feist  Honey Honey   buy on itunes
Feist & Gonzales  Lovertits   buy on itunes
Broken Social Scene  7/4 (Shoreline)   buy on itunes
Feist  Inside + Out (Apostle of Hustle Unmix)   buy on itunes
Feist  Tout Doucement   buy on itunes
Feist  Gatekeeper   buy on itunes
Feist  Somewhere Down the Road   buy on itunes
Feist  Lonely Lonely   buy on itunes
Feist & Jane Birkin  The Simple Story   buy on itunes
Feist  The Water   buy on itunes
Feist  One Evening (Solo Piano Version) [Instrumental]   buy on itunes


If Feist's soft, delicate features look vaguely familiar to some of you, it might be because she used to perform with her roommate Peaches, flexing a sock puppet as the raunchy singer battled with bass-heavy beats. Which brings us to the tease-me-please-me Peaches cover "Lovertits," a fitting tribute that also features key [i]Let It Die[/i] collaborator Gonzales. It's one of many Next Steps that fill in the holes of Feist's from-the-underground-on-up success story, including a moonlit Gonzales cut ("Starlight") and her recurring role in the Canadian collective Broken Social Scene (the pulse-spiking orchestral-pop rush of "7/4," a spare alternate version of "Inside + Out" by the BSS-related project Apostle of Hustle).
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