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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Road Trip
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The Narcoleptic's Nightmare

Artist Song Buy
Mike Harvey  Mike Harvey's Magic Minute of Self Hypnosis  buy on itunes
Klaus Schonning  Phonimagine  buy on itunes
Klaus Schonning  Astralicestre  buy on itunes
"Ghost" Soundtrack  Unchained Melody (orchestral)  buy on itunes
"Twin Peaks" Soundtrack  Twin Peaks Theme  buy on itunes
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  Love Of My Life  buy on itunes
Valgardena  Letter From Prague  buy on itunes


Heavily recommended for those nights of tossing and turning. Mike Harvey is a hypnotist who hypnotized me years ago. This track is basically him putting you under self hypnosis. He counts to ten and gives you mental images, etc. ... but I cut off the track before he can bring you OUT of hypnosis. At this point, the rest of the disc is very mellow, new agey type stuff. The furthest I've made it into the disc is 20 minutes before passing out. Willing to trade to anybody needing more than a sleeping pill. Recommended for anyone who ever wanted to see if they could be hypnotized, but in the privacy of their own home. And don't worry ... you WILL snap out of it ... after a peaceful nap or night of sleep.


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