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The Affect of Affection

Artist Song Buy
Mark Mulcahy  Hey Self Defeater  buy on itunes
Jeff Tweedy  Not for the Seasons (live)  buy on itunes
Big Star   Nightime  buy on itunes
Mark Eitzel  No Easy Way Down  buy on itunes
Joe Henry  Diving Bell  buy on itunes
Richmond Fontaine  Contrails  buy on itunes
Lullaby for the Working Class  Spreading the Evening Sky with Crows  buy on itunes
Varnaline  Thorns & Such  buy on itunes
Wilco  Radio Cure  buy on itunes
The Long Winters  Give Me a Moment  buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Untitled (Live from Jones Beach)  buy on itunes
Damien Jurado  Johnny Let's Go Riding  buy on itunes
Wilco & Billy Bragg  One by One  buy on itunes
Neil Finn  Faster Than Light  buy on itunes
Old 97s  Lonely Holiday  buy on itunes
Beach Boys  Kiss Me Baby  buy on itunes
Ken Stringfellow  The Lover's Hymn  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  Saturday Sun  buy on itunes


I had one of my first "wallowing" weekends in a long time, so I made this mix as the soundtrack for it. You know you're in trouble when the Nick Drake is the "happy" song.


Date: 5/20/2002
I absolutely love that Mark Mulcahy song, as well as lots of others on here.
Date: 6/2/2002
you have a damn good taste in music.

i have a great version of "one by one" done by jeff tweedy solo... if you'd like it some time, aim me at puellaquamamo (if you use aim, of course), and i'd be delighted to share.
Mike Pike Set
Date: 6/26/2002
Come on man, let's trade, i want this!

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