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The Rubinoos

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Sunshine power pop at its best and brightest was the Rubinoos' stock-in-trade during that fleeting musical moment when the bell bottoms of the '70s gave way to the skinny ties of the '80s. The Northern Californian quartet captured it all in a flash of lemon-drop harmonies, buoyant beats, and just the right amount of cheeky rock punch. Since its release in '79, the band's hook-heavy high point, "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," has become, shall we say, highly influential, while sparklers like the irrepressible tambourine-smacker "Hit the Nerve" prove that the Rubinoos are ripe for wide-scale rediscovery. For more power pop so delicious you want to chew it and blow bubbles, head for our Rubinoos Next Steps.
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