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Dizzee Rascal

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America has Jay-Z, but we've got Dylan Kwabena Mills, aka Dizzee Rascal, Britain's most successful rap star, who has negotiated the treacherous path from pirate radio to mainstream dance/rap like a man born to be king. First album [i]Boy in Da Corner[/i] (2003) (featuring "I Luv You", a track about teenage pregnancy he initially produced and recorded age 16) confirmed a prodigious talent that combines the sheer joy of plundering sounds (samples, found-sound, refracted noise) with a super-charged eloquence that fires of syllables like laser-bullets. Here, we follow his journey from prince of grime to late '00s club royalty, kicking of with "Bonkers".

In Next Steps, early feral Dizzee slams up against later groovy Dizzee.
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