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Bee Gees Legacy - The World of Bee Gees

Artist Song Buy
Snoop Dogg & Bee Gees  Ups & Downs   buy on itunes
Maroon 5  She Will Be Loved   buy on itunes
Hanson  Thinking of You   buy on itunes
Justin Timberlake  Summer Love   buy on itunes
James Blunt  Goodbye My Lover   buy on itunes
Beck  Mixed Bizness   buy on itunes
George Michael  Careless Whisper   buy on itunes
Boyz II Men  End of the Road   buy on itunes
Feist  Inside + Out (Apostle of Hustle Unmix)   buy on itunes
Ruben Studdard  How Can You Mend a Broken Heart   buy on itunes
No Doubt  You Can Do It   buy on itunes
The Posies  Suddenly Mary   buy on itunes
Under the Influence of Giants  Mama's Room   buy on itunes
Scissor Sisters  I Don't Feel Like Dancin'   buy on itunes
MIKA  Relax, Take It Easy   buy on itunes


Any band with Bee Gees' staying power and success — and there are damn few to pick from — is going to leave [i]major[/i] footprints in pop music's landscape. In "Ups and Downs," Snoop Dogg heavies up the beats behind the synth riff from the Gibbs' "Love You Inside Out" and lays down nine words of streetwise philosophy: "you gotta do bad in order to do good." Bee Gees once asked "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," and the answer arrived three decades later — in Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved," which hits all the early hit's high notes while unraveling a bittersweet tale of love's triumph over loss. And Hanson, the biggest brother trio to hit the charts in the last decade, weds blue-eyed soul with bubblegum and a backbeat in "Thinking of You." From James Blunt to Justin Timberlake, our playlist proves that while Bee Gees have left the building, their music echoes across the generations.
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