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Hair Metal - School of Rock: The Video Era

Artist Song Buy
Mötley Crüe  Girls, Girls, Girls   buy on itunes
Bon Jovi  Livin' On a Prayer   buy on itunes
Scorpions  Rock You Like a Hurricane   buy on itunes
Guns N' Roses  Sweet Child O' Mine   buy on itunes
Quiet Riot  Cum On Feel the Noize   buy on itunes
Ratt  Round and Round   buy on itunes
Warrant  Cherry Pie   buy on itunes
Poison  Talk Dirty to Me   buy on itunes
Twisted Sister  We're Not Gonna Take It   buy on itunes
Cinderella  Shake Me   buy on itunes
Judas Priest  You've Got Another Thing Comin'   buy on itunes
Skid Row  18 and Life   buy on itunes
Dokken  In My Dreams   buy on itunes
Winger  Seventeen   buy on itunes
Autograph  Turn Up the Radio   buy on itunes
Extreme  Hole Hearted   buy on itunes
L.A. Guns  Sex Action   buy on itunes
Europe  The Final Countdown   buy on itunes
Queensrÿche  Take Hold of the Flame   buy on itunes
Faster Pussycat  Bathroom Wall   buy on itunes
Great White  Once Bitten Twice Shy   buy on itunes
White Lion  When the Children Cry   buy on itunes
Britny Fox  Girlschool   buy on itunes


If there’s one thing Hollywood taught us, it’s that image is [i]everything[/i]. That lesson was certainly not lost on the hair metal legions dolling up the Sunset Strip with teased coifs, lacquered lips, and an image that fit the video age like spandex. Even bands from Germany and Sweden — light-years removed from the paparazzi’s machine-gun flash — were damn ready for their close-up. “Livin’ On a Prayer” staked Bon Jovi’s claim as New Jersey’s favorite sons courtesy of a blue-collar slab of arena-filling might, its accompanying video not only dropping us in the arena itself, but also escorting us backstage during soundcheck. In “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” the Scorpions mounted rock’s first Panzer attack, their hammer-on-anvil bombardment icy, relentless, and loud — [i]German-metal loud[/i]. And perhaps nothing screamed Hollywood like starring a cross-dressing Milton Berle in your video, as did Ratt in the clip for their breakthrough — the greased-up, platinum-plated powerhouse “Round and Round.” From Warrant and Faster Pussycat’s cheesecake sleaze to Poison and Winger’s high-gloss hooks, welcome to headbanger heaven.
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