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the real folk blues

Artist Song Buy
cowboy bebop  the real folk blues  buy on itunes
Karl Hendricks Rock Band  You're a Bigger Jerk Than Me  buy on itunes
bright eyes  puella quam amo est pulchra  buy on itunes
frogs  is it right to kiss the boys  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  this is just a modern rock song  buy on itunes
Gravity Willing  Persephone  buy on itunes
the vaselines  jesus wants me for a sunbeam  buy on itunes
mary lou lord  His Indie World  buy on itunes
kristin hersh  candyland  buy on itunes
Radiohead  High and Dry  buy on itunes
noise addict  i wish i was him  buy on itunes
Liz Phair  Cold and Mean  buy on itunes
nick drake  parasite  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  lover, you should've come over  buy on itunes
ani difranco  everest  buy on itunes
OK Go  It's Tough To Have A Crush  buy on itunes
Cat Power  Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down  buy on itunes
Badly Drawn Boy  Everybodys Stalking  buy on itunes
future bible heroes  you steal the scene  buy on itunes
Bjork  Sod Off  buy on itunes
The Eels  It's a Motherfucker  buy on itunes
ryan adams  sylvia plath  buy on itunes
elliott smith  bye  buy on itunes


mellow sounding songs... i think the most upbeat one is the end song from cowboy bebop. oh i think i should get bonus points for not using any dashboard confessional & for not using 'pink moon' by nick drake. god, is that song on every single slow/sleep mix ever?


Date: 6/4/2002
actually, you lose point for making radiohead two words.
Date: 6/4/2002
good stuff. I love that vaselines track
Date: 6/5/2002
looks fab!
Date: 6/5/2002
some nice stuff here - not really a fan of ani's, but the rest looks good.
Date: 6/5/2002
sweet. nice title, too. :)
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/5/2002
Hey, cool mix. Props to you for including a song from my friend Karl. :-)

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