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Frozen Ghost/Alias/Sheriff

Artist Song Buy
Frozen Ghost  Perfect World   buy on itunes
Frozen Ghost  Echo a Miracle   buy on itunes
Frozen Ghost  Selling Salvation   buy on itunes
Frozen Ghost  Round and Round   buy on itunes
Frozen Ghost  Suspended Humanation   buy on itunes


Among the highlights of Sheriff's self-titled 1982 album, we'd have to single out the riff-heavy rocker "You Remind Me" for special praise — those licks are still [i]lethal[/i]. "Perfect World" from Frozen Ghost's 1988 second album, [i]Nice Place to Visit[/i], also deserves an honorable mention for its multi-layered evocation of one man's personal quest for inner peace, while "Standing in the Darkness" finds Curci in electric form at the business end of a blazing sonic meteor with Alias.
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