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Happy Mondays

Artist Song Buy
Happy Mondays  Lazyitis   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  Mad Cyril   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  Judge Fudge   buy on itunes
Black Grape  In the Name of the Father   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  Hallelujah (Club Mix)   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  W.F.L.   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  Bob's Yer Uncle   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  Loose Fit   buy on itunes
Happy Mondays  W.F.L. (Think About the Future Mix) [Remastered Version]   buy on itunes


Put a strobe light on the dance floor and hide the prescription medication — here come Madchester kings, the Happy Mondays. Britrock was drowning in post-punk bleakness and goth gloom until those madcap Mancunians came along with dance-rock roof-raisers like the funk-powered sonic spectacular "24 Hour Party People" (whose title was borrowed for the 2002 biopic chronicling the Manchester scene). The Mondays picked up on the psychedelic mood and unstoppable beat of '80s acid-house/rave, adding raw rock energy and ragamuffin street-urchin lyrics. The result? The groove-happy hymn to hedonism "Step On," and the guitar-glazed, life-stinks-let's-dance anthem "Kinky Afro." Here are the finest flashes of that golden moment when British rock, rave, and soul collided in a funky kaleidoscope of sound.
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