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10cc  Rubber Bullets   buy on itunes
10cc  The Wall Street Shuffle   buy on itunes
10cc  The Dean and I   buy on itunes
10cc  Silly Love   buy on itunes
10cc  Donna   buy on itunes


Throughout an incredible sequence of rock hits starting in the early '70s, 10cc mastered the trick of making intelligent, often satirical records that appealed equally to the mainstream and the highbrow crowd. The original lineup was a tale of two camps — the accessible, chart-leaning pair of Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart; and the edgy, arty duo of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. The factions would ultimately split (each enjoying great success) — but start with a taste of them all together on the immaculately produced "I'm Not In Love". 10cc introduces a Gizmo, in Next Steps.
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