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Under the Covers

Artist Song Buy
The Ramones  California Sun   buy on itunes
Hole  Gold Dust Woman   buy on itunes
Fang  White Riot   buy on itunes
The Lemonheads  Luka   buy on itunes
Stone Temple Pilots  Pour Some Sugar On Me (acoustic)  buy on itunes
Michael Hutchence   The Passenger   buy on itunes
Apoptygma Berzerk  Fade To Black   buy on itunes
Deathline International  Wild Boys   buy on itunes
Orgy  Blue Monday   buy on itunes
Social Distortion   Under My thumb   buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Last Kiss   buy on itunes
Bad Manners   My Girl Lollipop   buy on itunes
Deathline International  Tainted Love   buy on itunes
Ill Repute  Train in Vain   buy on itunes
Kelly Osbourne  Papa Don't Preach   buy on itunes
Mike Ness   I Fought the Law   buy on itunes
Blake Babies  Temptation Eyes  buy on itunes
Tracey Ullman  They Don't Know   buy on itunes
Phish  Gin & Juice  buy on itunes
Mike Ness  Ring of Fire   buy on itunes


Not sure which came first, Tracy or Kristy. Hope you like it. Some pretty solid covers I think. Hope you all like the picture, it's my potbelly pig. His name is Notorius P.I.G. and he's obsessed with Judge Judy.
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Date: 6/14/2002
Nice mix. Kirsty did the track first, I think, and I like your pig!
Date: 6/15/2002
That pig is way cute! When are you going to eat it? Just kidding! I think G.M. is right about Kirsty, who sadly died recently.
Date: 6/18/2002
that's awesome. i had an idea similar to this but with covers of the clash. anyways, keep up the good work.
devil boy
Date: 7/24/2002
the mix rocks, the pig rocks, all in all everything rocks

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