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cacaphony and crazy stuff

Artist Song Buy
melt banana  introduction for charlie  buy on itunes
blur  music is my radar  buy on itunes
clinic  the second line  buy on itunes
dirtbombs  vixens in space  buy on itunes
erase errata  delivery  buy on itunes
le shok  tv in my eye  buy on itunes
lightning bolt  thirteen monsters  buy on itunes
jon spencer blues explosion  talk about the blues  buy on itunes
pink and brown  frozen secret  buy on itunes
the flying luttenbachers  de futura  buy on itunes
the liars  loose nuts on the velodrome  buy on itunes
tourettes lautrec  dingo  buy on itunes
the screamers  magazine love  buy on itunes
spiritualized  home of the brave  buy on itunes
spiritualized  the individual  buy on itunes
yeah yeah yeahs  art star  buy on itunes
the pixies  debaser  buy on itunes
blood brothers  under pressure  buy on itunes


all these songs have something about them thats sort of cacaphanous and discordant, which i like a lot, even though the addition of a band like the pixies kind of tempers the weirdness and inocherency of other songs. so i think anything with either screamy vocals, distortion, or just total eccentricity qualifies. yay for noise, and yay for its more widely accepted relatives.


Date: 6/17/2002
looks good. has the benefit of having songs/bands i haven't heard but would like to. double plus good.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/18/2002
i like noize too
(Bowie's "It's No Game" comes to mind).
Harmonious din and/or caterwauling = welcome...! Yay!
Date: 6/18/2002
g.a.b.....that's "shimbum wakaki teteru" to you.....sometimes a good cacophany is good for you! Like this mix, plasticinevitable....!

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