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Thunder  Robert Johnson's Tombstone   buy on itunes
Thunder  I'm Dreaming Again   buy on itunes
Thunder  Don't Worry About Forever   buy on itunes
Thunder  Bette Davis Meltdown   buy on itunes
Thunder  Chain Reaction   buy on itunes
Thunder  One You Can Make Me Cry   buy on itunes


In 1999, having staunchly ridden out the grunge and Britpop years, Thunder released the synth-laced [i]Giving the Game Away[/i] and then split . . . but there was just too much balls-to-the-wall energy left over, and the band's demise would be short-lived. The 21st century has so far delivered three magnificent, self-released albums, the latest of which — [i]Robert Johnson's Tombstone[/i] (2006) — features their hymn to freak-lust and self-abuse, "The Devil Made Me Do It".
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