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brisbane gabber sluts - Harder than your mama

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Nasenbluten  C is For...?  buy on itunes
Overcast  Public Enemy #1  buy on itunes
Bit Meddler  Shitmix 2000  buy on itunes
Substanz T  Industrial Music for Industrial People (live)  buy on itunes
Venetian Snares  Defluxion  buy on itunes
Davros  Cum To Daddy  buy on itunes
Kid606  kidrush  buy on itunes
Hellfish & Producer  No More Rock and Roll  buy on itunes
DJ Scud  Mash the Place Up  buy on itunes
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth  Kill or be Killed (The Panacea Remix)  buy on itunes
Overcast  Raining Stones  buy on itunes
Xylocaine  Bored Housewife  buy on itunes
Upstart  Zander Street Speedcore Nazi  buy on itunes
Rude Ass Tinker  U Can't Touch This  buy on itunes


Built this mix for a friend, to terminate his eardrums and nuke his speaker stack. Gabber, South London drum'n'noise and killah sonics from some local nutbars.


Date: 6/28/2002
a polite ripple of applause to your friend if he can sit through this. there's normally two reactions - 'mummy! make that nasty man stop!', or to throw one self off the sofa. props to the planet mu cru.

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