Under the covers with a blowtorch

Artist Song Buy
dinosaur jr  just like heaven [cure]  buy on itunes
nine inch nails  dead souls [joy division]  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  venus in furs [velvet underground]  buy on itunes
jimi hendrix  all along the watchtower [bob dylan]  buy on itunes
new order with moby, billy corgan & john frusciante  new dawn fades [joy division]  buy on itunes
manic street preachers  suicide is painless [jerry mandel]  buy on itunes
nirvana  the man who sold the world [david bowie]  buy on itunes
billy corgan   never let me down again [depeche mode]  buy on itunes
echo & the bunnymen  people are strange [doors]  buy on itunes
devo  (i can't get no) satisfaction [rolling stones]  buy on itunes
orbital  dr who [tv theme]  buy on itunes
rem  wicked game [chris isaak]  buy on itunes
patti smith  hey joe [jimi hendrix]  buy on itunes
gus  don't fear the reaper [blue oyster cult]  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  hallelujah [leonard cohen]  buy on itunes
tori amos  lovesong [cure]  buy on itunes


this one starts off fairly hecticly and really drifts off into sleepy lullabies towards the end with a couple of oddballs [devo & orbital] thrown in to fill the sandwich. yum?


Deep Rest
Date: 7/18/2002
Where did you find Tori's cover of lovesong? Love the orbital and NIN picks by the way.
Date: 5/7/2003
Great mix. Love Venus in Furs.

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