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The Smooth Funk Mix

Artist Song Buy
Renee Gayer  Sweet Love  buy on itunes
The Delfonics  Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?  buy on itunes
Bill Withers  Use Me Up  buy on itunes
Ben Harper  Fight For Your Mind  buy on itunes
Stevie Wonder  Superstition  buy on itunes
Camille Yarborough  Take Yo' Praise  buy on itunes
David Holmes  Gritty Shaker (Ocean's Eleven Theme)  buy on itunes
Destiny's Child  Bootylicious  buy on itunes
Isaac Hayes  Truck Turner (Theme)  buy on itunes
Widow Jones  Be My Lover  buy on itunes
Smoke City  Mr. Gorgeous & Ms. Curvaceous  buy on itunes
Radiohead  I Might Be Wrong  buy on itunes
Otis Redding  Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay  buy on itunes
Nerd  What's Wrong Wit Me?  buy on itunes


This is a bunch of songs I listen to in the morning when getting up for school. Starts the day nicely and gets me up (which is a bloody achievement, let me tell ya'). It's a collection of songs that aren't irresponsibly funky, they're just funky in a 'oooh that's bit funky' way. They don't force you to dance, they just say you probably should!
The way I changed the mix was to cut off Gritty Shaker a bit 6 minutes, it destroys the flow of smooth funk. Also, the intro to Radiohead's strangely funky (but in a dark way) 'I Might Be Wrong' had the intro cut out. Also, cut out the last 2 minutes of What's Wrong Wit Me?. Why? Because it's stupid.


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