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Nigel Kennedy

Artist Song Buy
Nigel Kennedy  Chanson de Matin, Op. 15, No. 2   buy on itunes
Nigel Kennedy  Swing 39   buy on itunes
Nigel Kennedy  Salut D'Amour, Op. 12   buy on itunes
Kennedy, Doug Boyle, John Etheridge, Dave Heath, Rory McFarlane, Emma Black, Gerri Sutyak & Kate St. John  Purple Haze   buy on itunes


Marketed as the antic young prince of classical music in the late '80s — complete with Aston Villa scarf and startled hedgehog hair — violinist Nigel Kennedy made the transition from mercurial kid prodigy to original crossover superstar with ease. On a one-man mission to make the great composers (or the "old guys", as he has called them) accessible to modern pop audiences, he took sales of Vivaldi's [i]The Four Seasons[/i] into the realms of the phenomenal in 1989. We open with "La Primavera".

Kennedy throws some Duke Ellington into the mix, in Next Steps.
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