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Legacy - The World of U2

Artist Song Buy
Coldplay  Clocks   buy on itunes
Radiohead  There, There   buy on itunes
The Frames  No More I Love Yous   buy on itunes
Oasis  The Shock of the Lightning   buy on itunes
The Verve  Love Is Noise   buy on itunes
Manic Street Preachers  Motorcycle Emptiness   buy on itunes
The Tragically Hip  Bobcaygeon   buy on itunes
Hothouse Flowers  Thing of Beauty   buy on itunes
The Music  Breakin'   buy on itunes
Ours  The Worst Things Beautiful   buy on itunes
The Gloria Record  A Lull In Traffic   buy on itunes
Buzz Poets  The Hurricane   buy on itunes
Kenna  Out of Control (State of Emotion)   buy on itunes
Xiren  Everything   buy on itunes
Your Black Star  The Silent Me   buy on itunes
Sleeping At Last  Tension & Thrill   buy on itunes
Spouse  It = Love   buy on itunes
Away Station  Look to the Sky   buy on itunes
zerobridge  Late Bloomer   buy on itunes


As big as they've come, U2 has built a legacy — the vastness of their sound, the integrity of their message, the connection with their fans — that's not just being assessed; if the artists on this playlist are any indication, it's still being [i]amassed[/i]. Like their Irish counterparts, Radiohead is a constantly moving target; after a brief trek into techno, they rediscovered their rock roots — while peppering the sonic landscape with otherworldly relics — on "There, There." Sadly, most people in America know the Frames' Glen Hansard only as an actor, either from [i]The Commitments[/i] or [i]Once[/i], but in Ireland his band is about as massive as you can get without [i]being[/i] U2. On their iTunes exclusive "No More I Love Yous," Hansard lurches from a scream to a whisper, spiking his bloodied heart on the mic stand. And Chris Martin launches his vapor-trail voice high into the stratosphere over this millennium's most memorable piano riff in "Clocks," earning Coldplay the 2004 Record of the Year GRAMMY® in the process. But don't stop there: from the Manic Street Preachers to Oasis, from the Verve to the Tragically Hip, no matter what their passport says, your favorite artists have a little Irish in 'em.
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