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Legacy - The World of Led Zeppelin

Artist Song Buy
Heart  Barracuda   buy on itunes
Van Halen  Runnin' with the Devil   buy on itunes
Billy Squier  The Stroke   buy on itunes
Boston  Smokin'   buy on itunes
Guns N' Roses  Welcome to the Jungle   buy on itunes
The Black Crowes  Remedy   buy on itunes
Sammy Hagar  Free Money   buy on itunes
Wolfmother  Woman   buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Seven Nation Army   buy on itunes
Great White  Mistreater   buy on itunes
Whitesnake  Still of the Night   buy on itunes
Kingdom Come  Get It On   buy on itunes
Bonham  Wait for You   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Spoonman   buy on itunes
Rage Against the Machine  Killing In the Name   buy on itunes
Faith No More  Epic   buy on itunes
Kyuss  Green Machine   buy on itunes
The Tea Party  Temptation   buy on itunes
Year Long Disaster  It Ain't Luck   buy on itunes
Kai Kln  Matter   buy on itunes


Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, Rage Against the Machine . . . for more than 40 years, there's not a band worth their platinum that hasn't copped a riff, a chorus, a hammer-of-the-gods from the Led Zeppelin songbook. Hell, their influence was already being felt at the height of their career, as Heart — nicknamed "Little Led Zep" — delivered one of the most [i]pummeling[/i] songs of the '70s, "Barracuda," Ann Wilson's siren wail soaring over sister Nancy's power-mower guitar. And if you're wondering if Zeppelin is as influential today as the day they broke up, consider the one-two punch of the White Stripes and Wolfmother. Jack and Meg drag the Zep metal machine from the coliseum stage back into the garage and bore out its cylinders on [i]Elephant[/i]'s standout track, the thumpin', slashin' "Seven Nation Army." Meanwhile, Aussie power trio Wolfmother not only nail Zeppelin's sound, but they also snagged something their predecessors never did: a GRAMMY® — for a clenched fist of rock 'n' roll thunder called "Woman." From Soundgarden to Bonham, we've got all the hardest-rockin' branches from the Zeppelin family tree right here.
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