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Come Lay Your Bones on the Alabaster Stones ...

Artist Song Buy
Smashing Pumpkins  Drown  buy on itunes
Sting  Desert Rose  buy on itunes
Allison Krause, Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch  Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby  buy on itunes
James Taylor  Sweet Baby James  buy on itunes
Dave Matthews Band  I'll Back You Up  buy on itunes
Mazzy Star  Five String Serenade  buy on itunes
Cat Stevens  The Wind  buy on itunes
R.E.M.  Find the River  buy on itunes
Over the Rhine  Poughkeepsie  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams (w/ Emmylou Harris)  Oh My Sweet Carolina  buy on itunes
The Persuasions (Grateful Dead cover)  Black Muddy River  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Hey Jupiter  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  Hour Follows Hour  buy on itunes
Sheryl Crow  I Shall Believe  buy on itunes
Coldplay  We Never Change  buy on itunes
Sarah McLachlan  Prayer of St. Francis  buy on itunes


Made for a friend who needs it.


abigail dice
Date: 8/9/2002
very pretty. wow. the song flow is lovely!
Dougie Fresh
Date: 8/9/2002
Wow, this mix is dead on. I can remember falling asleep to that Mazzy Star album several times, and everything else looks *great* for a bedtime serenade...
Date: 8/10/2002
great job barb. the tori cut is one my absolute faves by her.
Date: 12/1/2002
Where can I find a copy of "Prayer of St. Francis"? It's so much better than the one I used to sing in church.

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