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CD | Theme - Depression

Sultry but mostly Sulky Mix

Artist Song Buy
What a good boy  Barenaked Ladies  buy on itunes
Chalet Lines  Belle and Sebastian  buy on itunes
Mouth of a Shadow  Thinbuckle  buy on itunes
Across the Universe  Fiona Apple  buy on itunes
Strange Fruit  Billie Holiday  buy on itunes
Ghost  Indigo Girls  buy on itunes
Chancellor  Gord Downie  buy on itunes
Flamenco Sketches  Miles Davis  buy on itunes
Yesterday  Beatles  buy on itunes
Behind the Wall  Tracy Chapman  buy on itunes
Lonely Stranger (live)  Eric Clapton  buy on itunes
You are my sunshine (live in sweden)  Grandaddy  buy on itunes
Nice Day for a Sulk  Belle and Sebastian  buy on itunes
Neutron Bomb  Pearl Jam  buy on itunes
Mais Feliz   Bebel Gilberto  buy on itunes
It happens every day  Dar Williams  buy on itunes
#4 on Against the Grey  Meg Hutchinson  buy on itunes


Admittedly not all of the tracks are sultry but any mx that has Billie Hooliday and Bebel Gilberto immediately qualifies.I made this mix two nights ago during a period of exhaustive insomnia. It was made just from the cds within an arm's reach. I am sorry about the lack of a name for Meg H.'s song. It wouldn't come to me. If you have any feedback it would be appreciated; I'm still learning how to do this.


abigail dice
Date: 8/17/2002
wow, this is quite beautiful. nice job!

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