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viridian sun  ion or  buy on itunes
the future sound of london  vertical pig  buy on itunes
steve roach/robert fripp  year of the horse  buy on itunes
speedy j  re-enter  buy on itunes
steve roach/jeffrey fayman/momodou kah  the calling  buy on itunes
roberto concina  connections  buy on itunes
photek  the margin '98 (doc scott remix)  buy on itunes
charlie watts/jim keltner  quicksand  buy on itunes
roach/fayman  off-spring  buy on itunes
steven severin  mercury gash  buy on itunes
talvin singh  soni  buy on itunes
suru  dance of strength  buy on itunes
steve tibbetts  full moon dogs  buy on itunes
roach/fayman/fripp/kah  in the same deep water  buy on itunes


noisier, "drummier" product from the labs: sound table gradually builds in rhythm &
velocity, while pivoting around a brand new collaborative, "Trance Spirits", by Jeffrey Fayman, Steve Roach,
Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah: Shamanic-Tribal beats, Ambient sound-walls, a little Techno,
and a touch of Drum-n-Bass create an atmosphere of reverberating din...resonating
through yr headphones ! ~ :-p

[ Vertical Pig courtesy of valis; Mercury Gash, a la Blackadder ]
image for mix


Date: 8/19/2002
This looks very interesting.
Steve Roach
Date: 8/19/2002
Gene thanks for the feedback,
I think with all the build up to the release that there will be many expectations either met, exceeded or let down....in any case its another page in the book & one that I put everything into during its creation time. I agree that outside of the Fayman grooves that all the sounds could have easily been all created here, but in a sense they were since I took Fripp's loops and made them work for the project in a way that might not have otherwise been possible. I actually feel the same way on most collaborations; that I could conjure up all the elements but for a while now the collaborative element, either in person or virtual, has been compelling and, in this day and age, our way to have a tribal-experience occur within the music.
My favorite comment from you is -"but there's not much out there quite like this disc"- I feel more "off-the-map music" is needed. In any case. I will be releasing the fruits of all my live efforts this year in November with a 2 CD live release that is 100% solo and that goes lovingly for the throat..I know this one will be a perfect mixer for sonic cocktails, some really wicked electronic grooves, and brain soaking atmospheres. You should consider doing mp3 radio--seriously!

Till soon, all my best and thanks again.

Date: 8/19/2002
Well done, bruh. Love Steve Tibbetts and Future Sound ... it's early in the day here, but I need to get me a sonic cocktail.
Date: 8/19/2002
Nice mix, nice cover g.a.b. labber! Love the talvin, and fripp anywhere!
Date: 8/20/2002
Again this provokes my usual react to your mixes, Gene, flummoxed but fascinated :)I hope that explains why I haven't got around to putting any comments against your back catalogue yet...And what's this, a (seemingly genuine?) comment from Mr Roach himself - well, I'm impressed...I'll be in touch soon.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 8/20/2002
ah yes, the growing complaint (you, Junior D, the world @ large) that the eclectic mixing genius of the labs suffers due to my antiquated, inveterate & unfashionable insistence on the use of the DEAD medium of cassettes. Oh well, TDK SA-X Gold 90's will do me for now (buy 'em by the case, online)... & they still sound great via the new SONY sports Walkman series. ~ :-p
bill & tina
Date: 4/22/2003
Holy moly, thanks for the mix, bro! Very much enjoying it. This makes the King Crimson disc I sent you sound like a Pop group.

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