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Covers - The World of Green Day

Artist Song Buy
Glen Campbell  Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)   buy on itunes
Weezer  Worry Rock   buy on itunes
"Weird Al" Yankovic  Canadian Idiot (Parody of "American Idiot" By Green Day)   buy on itunes
Greg Kihn  Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Live)   buy on itunes
Pansy Division  Coming Clean   buy on itunes
Kechup Mania  Welcome to Paradise   buy on itunes
Imaginary Bill  She   buy on itunes
Teenage Bottlerocket  Having a Blast   buy on itunes
Flux Pop  Pop Rocks and Coke   buy on itunes
Lea DeLaria  Longview   buy on itunes
Ulli Boegershausen  Wake Me Up When September Ends   buy on itunes
Cornbread Red  Boulevard of Broken Dreams   buy on itunes
Makrosoft  Basket Case    buy on itunes
Richard Cheese  American Idiot   buy on itunes


When a band does its songs just about as well as they can be done, anybody who dares to cover them better be prepared to do something [i]damn[/i] different. Weezer dipping into Green Day's songbook is no colossal shock; they're friends, they're fans . . . they even name-checked 'em in "El Scorcho." What [i]is[/i] satisfyingly ear-jarring is how they ditch G.D.'s fuzz-bomb sonics on "Worry Rock," unplugging the track without sacrificing one single volt of electric snap. And you can always count on "Weird Al" Yankovic to tweak a lyric, the audience — or, in this case, an entire [i]nation[/i] — with his retoolings, and in "Canadian Idiot" the accordion-wielding potentate of parody body-checks our hose-headed, hockey-mad neighbors to the (Great White) North. But none of these could possibly prepare you for Glen Campbell (yes, Glen Campbell) uncovering the lovability underlying "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" in a string-laden country shuffle lacking even the slightest wink of irony. From Avril Lavigne to Richard Cheese to Lea DeLaria(!), a mind-bending mix of musicians are rewriting history with Billie Joe's pen, and we've got 'em all right here.
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