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Atmosphere  The Arrival   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Mama Had a Baby and His Head Popped Off   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Scalp   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Between the Lines   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Molly Cool   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Freefallin'   buy on itunes
Felt  Dirty Girl   buy on itunes
Creature  Better Man Feat Slug of Atmosphere   buy on itunes
Grayskul  The Office (feat. Slug of Atmosphere and Aesop Rock)   buy on itunes
Molemen & Slug  Escape Route   buy on itunes
Vakill & Slug  Fallen   buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Write Now (Multiples No. 4)   buy on itunes
Deep Puddle Dynamics  Rainmen (Controller 7 Remix)   buy on itunes
Felt  Hot Bars   buy on itunes


You read that right — Felt really is a two-part collaboration (between Slug of Atmosphere and Murs of Living Legends) that revolves around the finer points of Christina Ricci and Lisa Bonet. It's killer, too, featuring some serious pass-the-mic action and the freshly dug record-store finds of Ant and the Grouch. Speaking of Slug side projects and special appearances, Deep Puddle Dynamics was a one-time-only supergroup featuring Sole, Alias, and Doesone of the Anticon collective, and "The Office" reveals what happens when you drop Aesop Rock and Slug — two indie rap superstars — off in the same studio. And what's that? Why, it's a solid gold single.
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