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Atreyu  Falling Down   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Becoming the Bull   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Storm to Pass   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Doomsday   buy on itunes
Atreyu  When Two Are One   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Congregation of the Damned   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Blow   buy on itunes
Atreyu  Honor   buy on itunes
Atreyu  You Were the King, Now You're Unconscious   buy on itunes


By the time Atreyu left Victory Records in early 2007 — just five years and three albums into their career — they had enough fan favorites to fill a best-of collection. We're talkin' songs that you sing/scream along to — tracks that maim you with melodies, from the ravenous riffs and bulldozed bridges of "Lip Gloss and Black" to the dizzying time changes of "Someone's Standing On My Chest" and the pit-pleasing choruses of "Shameful." As for what came next, the SoCal wrecking crew was apparently out to prove [i]something[/i] on their fourth album, [i]Lead Sails Paper Anchor[/i], a ridiculously catchy collection of galloping grooves ("Falling Down"), grating guitar lines ("Becoming the Bull"), and bitter but beautiful hooks that you'll be singing for the next week straight. And that's if you're lucky; us, we've been battling the voices Atreyu planted in our heads for a good month now.
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