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Avant  Separated   buy on itunes
Avant  Makin' Good Love   buy on itunes
Avant  Read Your Mind   buy on itunes
Avant  Kiss Goodbye   buy on itunes
Avant  Sailing   buy on itunes
Avant & Nicole Scherzinger  Lie About Us   buy on itunes
Avant  Wanna Be Close   buy on itunes
Avant  When It Hurts   buy on itunes
Avant  Don't Say No, Just Say Yes   buy on itunes
Avant  Don't Take Your Love Away   buy on itunes
Avant  4 Minutes   buy on itunes
Avant  My First Love   buy on itunes
Avant  Now You Got Someone   buy on itunes
Avant  Your Body Is the Business   buy on itunes
Avant & The Pussycat Dolls  Stickwitu   buy on itunes


Look, we can't blame you for confusing Avant — a note-nailing R&B star in his own right — with R. Kelly. In fact, some people [i]swear[/i] the two are related, a claim Avant's denied while admitting what a major influence Kelly's been on his career. Speaking of the singer's steady rise to fame, it all started with "Separated," a slow-burning single that first attacked Chicago's influential radio station WGCI in the late '90s. Since then, Avant's attempted everything from a string-soaked Rene & Angela cover (the 1983 hit "My First Love," which was originally written for Janet Jackson's solo debut) to sound-expanding collaborations with Lil Wayne (the organ rolls and randy beats of "You Know What"), Lloyd Banks (the sparkling keys and steady drum loops of "Exclusive"), and the Pussycat Dolls (the dimly lit duet "Stickwitu"). Sounds like someone's taken his name seriously.
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