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Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Artist Song Buy
Bonnie "Prince" Billy  Love Comes to Me   buy on itunes
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Bewarers  One Day At a Time   buy on itunes
Palace Brothers  I Had a Good Mother and Father   buy on itunes
Palace Brothers  I Send My Love to You   buy on itunes


Like Sufjan Stevens and Joanna Newsom, Bonnie "Prince" Billy — one of several professional names used by Kentucky native Will Oldham — dwells in a corner of American folk that makes a virtue of eclecticism, originality and invention. Any attempt to manoeuvre the artist into a pigeonhole is futile, as you'll discover here, taking us from "Love Comes to Me" on 2006's [i]The Letting Go[/i] — an album named after an Emily Dickinson phrase and cut in Iceland — to the lush "Beware Your Only Friend" and the delicate sadness of "I See a Darkness" (which was covered by Johnny Cash).

The prince gets fresh with Mariah Carey, in Next Steps.
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