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Lamb of God

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Lamb of God  Now You've Got Something to Die For   buy on itunes
Lamb of God  Laid to Rest   buy on itunes
Lamb of God  Hourglass   buy on itunes


When a no-holds-barred metal band decides to change its name from Burn the Priest to Lamb of God, it's a fairly safe bet that irony, rather than a religious conversion, is the motivation. This lamb — from Richmond, Virginia — should be served with mint sauce and sulphur, as you'll quickly understand around the time that our opening track, "Redneck", causes your ears to bleed. Led by Teflon-throated vocalist Randy Blythe, Lamb of God has justified its reputation as the leader of the new American wave of heavy metal over a series of six studio albums since 1998, and among the tracks we've selected are a couple of highlights from the band's standout live release (recorded in 2004) [i]Killadelphia[/i]; "Walk With Me In Hell" from the soundtrack to [i]Saw 3[/i]; and their pile-driving meditation on police brutality, "O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E".
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