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Deftones  Back to School (Mini Maggit)   buy on itunes
Deftones  My Own Summer (Shove It)   buy on itunes
Deftones  Change (In the House of Flies)   buy on itunes
Deftones  Minerva   buy on itunes
Deftones  Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)   buy on itunes
Deftones  Passenger   buy on itunes
Deftones  Digital Bath   buy on itunes
Deftones  Cherry Waves   buy on itunes
Deftones  Do You Believe (Bonus Track)   buy on itunes
Deftones  Bored   buy on itunes


Formed in the heart of California in the late '80s, the Deftones took the long road to alt-metal superstardom (they've been around longer than Korn), but the years spent honing their sound have guaranteed strength and quality . . . not to mention a fanbase as immovable as granite. Frontman Chino Moreno has perfected the art of careening from lung-splitting intensity to pin-drop fragility, across a multitude of mashed-up styles (punk, shoegaze, new wave, et al), and our opening salvo includes "My Own Summer (Shove It)", which was used on soundtrack to [i]The Matrix[/i].

The band finds solid ground midway between Sacramento and Morrissey's Manchester, in Next Steps.
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