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Vanessa Amorosi

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Vanessa Amorosi  Absolutely Everybody   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  Shine   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  The power   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  Have a Look   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  Everytime I Close My Eyes   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  Turn to Me   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  Spin   buy on itunes
Vanessa Amorosi  One Thing Leads to Another   buy on itunes


There are few sounds in pop quite as energizing — no, make that [i]adrenalizing[/i] — as the voice of Vanessa Amorosi when she cuts loose and soars through the octaves like there's no stopping her . . . ever. She possesses the kind of high-octane vocal fuel that can launch rockets, and it's a pleasure just to sit back and soak up the afterburn. Such talent means she can sing in just about any style you could throw at her, from the catchy, breezy power pop of debut single "Have a Look" (1999), to the celebratory dance anthem "Absolutely Everybody," and "The Letter," her powerhouse 2009 hook-up with California rockers Hoobastank. Turning up the heat is easy for Amorosi, whether it's with a smash-the-walls-down banger like "Kiss Your Mama!" or a life-loving, confidence-boosting firestorm like "This Is Who I Am" — the ideal showcase for her inner rock chick, and the first of her singles to reach #1 — but she also knows how to slow it down: check out the emotionally charged, piano-backed
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