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Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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Before they got swamped by the rising tide of punk and new wave, '70s prog uber-group Emerson, Lake & Palmer represented a brilliant alliance of adventurous instincts, symphonic classical smarts, conceptual flights of fantasy, free-wheeling jazz, good old rock 'n' roll . . . and onstage cannons. Identified by Keith Emerson's mighty Hammond organ and awesome Moog synth (a veritable beast of an instrument, which he unshackled from studio confines and took on the road with the band), ELP blasted a swathe though the rock galaxy, selling mountains of albums. We begin with their legendary riff on Aaron Copland's majestic "Fanfare for the Common Man". From honky-tonk to classical/rock hybrids . . . ELP's range continues to astound, in Next Steps.
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