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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Depression

Part of me that's purring... softly stirring

Artist Song Buy
Pina  Josephine  buy on itunes
Gavin Friday  Angel  buy on itunes
Jets to Brazil  Sweet Avenue  buy on itunes
Get-Up Kids  Overdue  buy on itunes
Hedwig & the Angry Inch  Wicked Little Town  buy on itunes
The Association  Never My Love  buy on itunes
Norah Jones  Don't Know Why  buy on itunes
Pedro the Lion  Lullaby  buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  Words of Wisdom  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Mad World  buy on itunes
Cousteau  Heavy Weather  buy on itunes
Red House Painters  Michael  buy on itunes
Coldplay  The Scientist  buy on itunes
The Autumns  Pale Trembles a Gale  buy on itunes
Richard Ashcroft  You On My Mind in My Sleep  buy on itunes


I had a hard time classifying this one. I started it as a sleep mix, but while I was listening to it, it sounded kind of romantic, yet vaguely depressing. Maybe it was just me. I decided to go with my first instinct though and here you have it- yet another mix for me to fall asleep to. The title is from the Jets to Brazil song. Thanks to Peter, Abigail, Emily and Vivien for some of the tracks!


Date: 10/6/2002
great choices from pedro, painters, coldplay, jets, and ashcroft. id love to fall asleep to this.
Date: 10/6/2002
p the swede
Date: 10/6/2002
looks soft
abigail dice
Date: 10/6/2002
horrah! :) you DO love that Jets To Brazil song :) yayness. I'm so glad. and who could argue with The Scientist? teheeeee. nice mix as always. if you can download any other JLC songs I highly reccomend either "Cathedrals" or "Close Your Eyes" this mix.
Emily Stein
Date: 10/6/2002
That's right! Listen to Abigail! Especially when she said "horrah", because this looks magnificent. :)
Date: 10/6/2002
Date: 10/6/2002
haha cool, you got my mix (which you prolly snoozed through as it does that to me lol) and picked my fave tracks from it :)
Date: 10/7/2002
Gary Jules? Mad World? AMAZING. Have been looking EVERYWHERE for a mix to put that song on...thank you!!!! (Have you seen "Donnie Darko"...?)
Baddd Spellah
Date: 11/1/2002
Luverly. I'd all but forgotten about that Gaving Friday song, "Angel"...

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