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Legacy - The World of Metallica

Artist Song Buy
Mastodon  Iron Tusk   buy on itunes
Machine Head  Halo   buy on itunes
System of a Down  Sugar   buy on itunes
Slipknot  Wait and Bleed   buy on itunes
Lamb of God  Walk With Me In Hell   buy on itunes
Fear Factory  Powershifter   buy on itunes
Dragonforce  Through the Fire and Flames   buy on itunes
Trivium  Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr   buy on itunes
Bolt Thrower  When Cannons Fade   buy on itunes
Kreator  Enemy of God   buy on itunes
Municipal Waste  The Art of Partying   buy on itunes
Toxic Holocaust  City of a Million Graves   buy on itunes
Onslaught  Destroyer of Worlds   buy on itunes
Skeletonwitch  Crushed Beyond Dust   buy on itunes
Evile  Plague to End All Plagues   buy on itunes
Warbringer  Forgotten Dead   buy on itunes
Panic  Blackfeather Shake   buy on itunes
Dekapitator  The Storm Before the Calm   buy on itunes
Merciless Death  Tombs of the Dead   buy on itunes
Avenger of Blood  Sadistic Inquisitor   buy on itunes
Fueled By Fire  Thrash Is Back   buy on itunes
Viking  Man of Straw   buy on itunes
HeXeN  Blast Radius   buy on itunes
Bonded By Blood  Immortal Life   buy on itunes


If shredding is an art form — and you better believe it is — Metallica is the Picasso of modern metal, having changed [i]everything[/i] with crackling chords, hellish howls, atomic bomb basslines, and drums that simply don't quit 'til you're out cold . . . or at the very least, carrying the flame-thrower that the group first lit more than two decades ago. From Municipal Waste ("The Art of Partying") to Toxic Holocaust ("City of a Million Graves"), thrash metal's new school brings a 21st-century bent to Metallica's Daytona 500 days, right down to the rubber-burning riffs and ripped jeans. If anyone's got the firework-finale skills to actually become the Next Metallica, it's Mastodon, a guitar-slinging gang of maniacs that's as uncompromising as Lars and co.; play a few seconds of "Iron Tusk" and experience the oxygen being sucked out of the room. The same goes for the metal-militia movements of "Halo," the mountain-scaling sludge of "Freya," and the unholy hooks of "Walk With Me In Hell" — sucker-punch songs that helped Machine Head, the Sword, and Lamb of God land a Metallica tour or two. Who's next? How about Trivium or Dragonforce? Considering Kirk Hammett's a fan of both — and the godfather of everyone else — you never know . . .
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