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Similar Sounds - The World of Metallica

Artist Song Buy
Slayer  Angel of Death   buy on itunes
Megadeth  Wake Up Dead   buy on itunes
Anthrax  Caught in a Mosh   buy on itunes
Sepultura  Beneath the Remains   buy on itunes
Testament  Over the Wall   buy on itunes
Exodus  A Lesson In Violence   buy on itunes
Celtic Frost  Procreation (Of the Wicked)   buy on itunes
Kreator  Pleasure to Kill   buy on itunes
Pantera  Fucking Hostile   buy on itunes
Metal Church  Beyond the Black   buy on itunes
Corrosion of Conformity  Vote With a Bullet   buy on itunes
Overkill  Horrorscope   buy on itunes
Sodom  Agent Orange   buy on itunes
Suicidal Tendencies  Trip At the Brain   buy on itunes
Annihilator  Never, Neverland   buy on itunes
Destruction  Release from Agony   buy on itunes
Coroner  Masked Jackal   buy on itunes
Exciter  Heavy Metal Maniac   buy on itunes
Flotsam and Jetsam  Hammerhead   buy on itunes


Four [i]killer[/i] underground classics. That's what Metallica delivered in the '80s, relishing their role as thrash metal's sultans of shred. But they weren't alone. A whole need-for-speed scene flourished around the group's seek-and-destroy songs, beginning with Megadeth, the career-clinching post-Metallica project of frontman Dave Mustaine; their first proper single, "Wake Up Dead," is [i]still[/i] a fan favorite at shows, likely because it's capable of making us, you, and Grandma bust out some serious air-guitar moves. On the more sinister side of things, "Angel of Death" was so shocking — and let's be honest here, downright [i]insane[/i] — that it freaked out Def Jam Records, delaying the release of [i]Reign In Blood[/i], Slayer's entry in heavy metal's hall of fame. Anthrax's "Caught in a Mosh" and Pantera's "F*****g Hostile" are just as jagged and juiced, but they're a bit more punk and a lot less, well, Satanic-sounding . . . although we probably wouldn't bring the latter home to Mom anytime soon. Come to think of it, [i]none[/i] of Metallica's contemporaries — from Sepultura and Sodom to Suicidal Tendencies and Testament — is the kind of band we'd suggesting playing while reading the [i]Times[/i] on a Sunday morning.
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