Boos From The Blues (Halloween Mix)

Artist Song Buy
Dr. John  Litanie Des Saints  buy on itunes
Leon Redbone  The Ghost Of The St. Louis Blues  buy on itunes
Cab Calloway  St. James' Infimary  buy on itunes
Robert Johnson  Stones In My Passway  buy on itunes
Tom Waits   Murder In The Red Barn  buy on itunes
Blind Willie Johnson  Dark Was The Night-Cold Was The Ground  buy on itunes
Robert Wilkins  Rollin' Stone (Part 1)  buy on itunes
Leadbelly  Where Did You Sleep Last Night?  buy on itunes
Charlie Patton  Moon Going Down  buy on itunes
Charlie Patton  When Your Ways Get Dark  buy on itunes
Robert Johnson  From Four Til Late  buy on itunes
Robert Johnson  Hellhounds On My Trail  buy on itunes
Charlie Patton  Oh Death  buy on itunes
Howlin' Wolf  Down In The Bottom  buy on itunes
John Lee Hooker  Buring Hell  buy on itunes
Skip James   Devil Got My Woman  buy on itunes
Robert Johnson  Me And The Devil  buy on itunes


I live right in front of an old 19th. Century New England Cemetary. These are all songs I'd really not want to suddenly hear while outside on a damp, foggy night. Appologies for all the several Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton tracks; yes, I need more blues but still these are all very, very good.


Date: 10/31/2002
coming from someone who also has limited blues resources, i can safely say this is very neat and i also wouldn't want to hear these songs on a foggy night. i would probably cry and wet my pants.
Date: 11/2/2002
sounds great!
Date: 11/2/2002
no apologies needed for repeat artis tracks in my opinion..if they go together, let them be! I like the looks of this one!

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