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Veet Vichara & Premanjali  Om Mani Padme Hum   buy on itunes
Malgudi Shuba  Buddhavandana   buy on itunes
Buddhist Chi Meditation  Om Chanting With Tibetan Monks   buy on itunes
Gelugpa Order  A Buddhist Prayer   buy on itunes
Jean-Philippe Rykiel & Lama Gyurme  The Mantra of Padmasambhava   buy on itunes
Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts  Song of Realization   buy on itunes
Malgudi Shuba  Dhammavandana   buy on itunes
Lama Tenzin Priyadarshi  Mantra of Bhaishajyaguru   buy on itunes
Buddha Nation  The Five Precepts   buy on itunes
Lama Surya Das & Steven Halpern  The Jewel In the Lotus   buy on itunes
Lama Tenzin Priyadarshi  100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva   buy on itunes
Lama Tashi  Heart Sutra   buy on itunes
Shi-Tennoji Temple Chanting Group  Shithi-Bongosan   buy on itunes
Buddhist Monks of Maitri Vihar Monastery & The Singing Nuns At Chuchikjall  Offering the Mandala to Compassion   buy on itunes
Eight Lamas From Drepung  Invoking the Spirit of KindnessThrough Sound   buy on itunes
Dip Tse Chong Ling Monastery  Sosol-Prayers of Forgiveness   buy on itunes
Jean-Philippe Rykiel & Lama Gyurme  Hope for Enlightenment   buy on itunes


Whether you've read Hermann Hesse's [i]Siddhartha[/i] in college or heard Alan Watts' lectures on Zen or seen a blissful, full-bellied statue of the Enlightened One in a museum or a shrine, you [i]really[/i] haven't begun to experience the Buddhist faith's profound power until you've heard its music. We'll start off in Myanmar with Baddanta Visuta Maha Gantha Vacaka Pandita, whose chant "Tisarana Vandana (The Three Refuges and Adorations)" crosses the bridge between ancient Gregorian chant and the African call-and-response folk singing that evolved into both gospel and blues. In an almost otherworldly sonic fusion of Tuvan throat singing and the rumble of a didgeridoo, Tibetan monk Lama Tashi — who's performed with the likes of Michael Stipe and Sheryl Crow — demonstrates a [i]very[/i] different chanting style in "Heart Sutra." And if your tastes move to a more modern groove, Buddha Nation quietly inhabits the space between classical reverie and ambient dream pop with their hypnotically placid "The Five Precepts." From Jean-Philippe Rykiel & Lama Gyurme to Eight Lamas From Drepung, we've got Buddhism's meditative chants, spiritual songs, and instrumental treasures from Tibet, Japan, Myanmar, China, and beyond . . . even France.
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