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Klezmer Music  Hava Nagila   buy on itunes
Mikhail Turetsky & The Male Choir Moscow Choral Synagogue  Shalom alechem   buy on itunes
NEC Chorus & Theodore Bikel  Maoz Tsur   buy on itunes
Dan Crow, Fred Sokolow, J.P. Nightingale, Marcia Berman & Uncle Ruthie Buell  Chanukah, Oh Chanukah   buy on itunes
Effi Netzer Singers  Hine Ma Tov   buy on itunes
Hankus Netsky & NEC Jewish Music Ensemble  Dayenu   buy on itunes
Baruch Cohon  Ose Shalom   buy on itunes
Israeli Folk Group  Maym Mayim   buy on itunes
Topol  Tradition   buy on itunes
John Williams  Hatikvah (The Hope)   buy on itunes
Alisa Fineman  Eli, Eli   buy on itunes
Rabbi Mark Zimmerman  Chad Gadya   buy on itunes
Tal Skloot  Avinu Malkenu   buy on itunes
Shir  Erev Shel Shoshanim   buy on itunes
The Burning Bush  Y'rushalayim Shel Zahav   buy on itunes
Klezmer Music  Donna Donna   buy on itunes
Duo Re'im  Gesher Tzar Meod   buy on itunes
Idf Rabbinate Choir  Shir Ha'ma'alot   buy on itunes
Roger Shlomo Gerzi  Numi Numi   buy on itunes
Kol B'Seder  Shalom Rav   buy on itunes


Israel: it's a combination of the Hebrew word [i]yisra[/i] (to prevail) with [i]ayl[/i] (the divine). The 12 tribes that arose from the harsh soil of the Middle East have persevered, for millennia, against an almost unimaginable backdrop of brutal obstacles to flourish, not only in their native land, but also throughout the world. And while their numbers are not large — fewer than the inhabitants of Mexico City — the Jews, thanks to their faith and culture, have yielded some remarkable musical gifts. We open with a majestically gorgeous arrangement of "Shalom alechem," the mystical song that welcomes the Shabbat each Friday night, performed here by Mikhail Turetsky & The Male Choir Moscow Choral Synagogue. As Golden Globe®-winning actor Topol sings in [i]Fiddler On the Roof[/i]'s defining moment, the crowd-rousing chest-thumper "Tradition," faith isn't placed solely in the divine, but also in customs that have stood the test of time. And how can we speak of Jewish faith expressed in music without mentioning the Israeli national anthem, "Hatikvah (The Hope)," based upon a poem that anticipated a sovereign Jewish state seven decades before its formation, and conducted here with noble stateliness by John Williams. From Theodore Bikel to Rabbi Mark Zimmerman, we take an ear-opening — if necessarily brief — tour of a culture as rich in music as in the history from which it springs.
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