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Courtney Love/Hole

Artist Song Buy
Hole  Pacific Coast Highway   buy on itunes
Hole  Northern Star   buy on itunes
Courtney Love  Hold On To Me   buy on itunes
Hole  Beautiful Son   buy on itunes
Courtney Love  But Julian, I'm A Little Older Than You   buy on itunes
Hole  Boys on the Radio   buy on itunes
Hole  Samantha   buy on itunes
Hole  Good Sisterbad Sister   buy on itunes
Hole  Hit So Hard   buy on itunes
Courtney Love  All The Drugs   buy on itunes
Hole  Phonebill Song   buy on itunes
Hole  Babydoll   buy on itunes
Courtney Love  Sunset Strip   buy on itunes
Hole  Jennifer's Body   buy on itunes
Hole  Johnnies In the Bathroom   buy on itunes


By the '00s, Courtney Love was the trouble-bound, tabloid-fodder rock 'n' roll bad girl who could be heard growling X-rated, punky pillow talk to the Strokes' lead singer on "But Julian, I'm A Little Older Than You." But long before that, she was a scrappy upstart fronting an unknown band and scratching for a break. From Hole's very first session — cut quick and dirty in 1990 for $500 — "Phonebill Song" explodes with savage, punk-fueled fury, and on the band's 1991 debut album, "Good Sister/Bad Sister" powers out the kind of gut-punching, Black Sabbath-meets-Black Flag riffs that grunge was built on.
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