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Birds of Tokyo

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Birds of Tokyo  Silhouettic   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Wayside   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Broken Bones   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Head In My Hands   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Black Sheets   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Wild Eyed Boy   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  The Bakers Son   buy on itunes
Birds of Tokyo  Off Kilter   buy on itunes


The speed with which Perth's magnificent Birds of Tokyo rose, phoenix-like, from the ash-strewn indie underground bodes well for their chances of making a lasting impression on the biggest of international stages. Formed in 2004, the four-piece dished out a couple of calling cards in 2005 — including the double A-side single "One Way/Stay" — before fleshing out their statement of serious intent with impressive debut album [i]Day One[/i]: highlights include the knuckle-dusted "Wayside" and full-on grinder "Off Kilter," an excellent showcase for frontman Ian Kenny's power and range. The band's real breakthrough on home turf came with second album [i]Universes[/i] (2008), featuring rocket ride "Broken Bones" and the epic, intricately textured six-plus minutes of "The Bakers Son." An acoustic, live version of soul classic "I Heard It though the Grapevine" from their Broken Strings tour offers the strongest of clues that these lads bear the stamp of permanence.
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