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For Christ's Sake, Would You Cover Yourself?!

Artist Song Buy
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes  Rocketman  buy on itunes
Social Distortion  Ring of Fire  buy on itunes
Face to Face  In between Days  buy on itunes
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes  Country Roads  buy on itunes
Pennywise  I Get Around  buy on itunes
NoFX  Vincent  buy on itunes
Down By Law  50 Miles  buy on itunes
Bracket  867-5309 (Jenny)  buy on itunes
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes  Mandy  buy on itunes
Dead Kennedys  Viva Las Vegas  buy on itunes
No Use For A Name  Redemption Song  buy on itunes
Me First...  Danny's Song  buy on itunes
Good Riddance  I Melt With You  buy on itunes
Clash  I Fought the Law  buy on itunes
Me First...  Fire & Rain  buy on itunes
Ramones  California Sun  buy on itunes
Me First...  Sweet Caroline  buy on itunes
Blink 182  Dancing With Myself  buy on itunes
Sid Vicious  My Way  buy on itunes
Me First...  Leaving on a Jet Plane  buy on itunes


The Title of this one comes from "Weird Science" (in case you didnt know). Usually I save the punk covers for a little comic relief in the middle of more serious mixes. Regardless of what you think of them, they are pretty fun.


Sam O'Daniel
Date: 12/23/2000
Great title (which I did get) for a great theme with a great implementation. Just today I was thinking about my novel idea to cover Mandy. No sooner had I thought it than the Drop Nineteens covered it (unrelated event). No more do I speak my cover ideas aloud.

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